Recalling Sligo 2013

YeatsVincenza Simonetta (studentessa del corso di Lingua e Letteratura Inglese 2, tenuto dal Prof. Enrico Reggiani, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, a.a. 2012-13)

Every summer, Sligo, a town located in the North-West of Ireland, welcomes students and lovers of literature from all over the world. Here, in this part of Ireland so dear to William Butler Yeats, the Yeats Society organizes a series of events and lectures to remember the poet’s work and to explore itsGlencar.waterfall different aspects.

The course consists in lectures by a Professor, held at the Hawks Well Theatre, and a seminar each week. In 2013, by attending the seminars Yeats’ Cuchulain Plays, held by Professor Alexandra Poulain (University of Lille 3), and The Wind among the Reeds, held by Professor Warwick Gould (University of London), I was able to appreciate Yeats as a dramatist as well as a Drumcliffpoet. Students were divided into small groups, and the seminars were a time for reading and reflections, a challenging opportunity to learn from experts, to take part in discussions and to comment on the text in multicultural setting, which was enriching on both an intellectual and human level.

Among the many important poets and writers who were in Sligo, I was honored to meet theRosses.point Nobel Laureate poet Seamus Heaney and to be in the audience during his last public appearance.

[the rest of the article is here; revisione linguistica di Maria C. Bond. © Riproduzione riservata].


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