Managing Diversity through Poetry as Song. An interpretation of W. B. Yeats’s Speaking to the Psaltery (1902)

Enrico Reggiani, paper @ Managing Diversity in English Literature (Global and Local Imaginaries in Dialogue), Associazione Nazionale dei Docenti di Anglistica, Università degli Studi diPisa, 22nd – 23rd November 2012


ABSTRACT: The intertwined tropes of the poet as singer, of the poetic text as song and of poetic writing as singing were strategic for Yeats: song was «the word that William Butler Yeats consistently used to describe his own poetry» (W. Flesch, 2010) and «in most of his [Yeats’s] literary essays emphasis crops up on the attribute of poetry as song» (O. Maduakor, 1993). Such musico-literary tradition helped him both to define his conception of himself as poet and to manage the numerous diversities he experienced in his life and in his creative career from many points of view: anthropological, epistemological, philosophical, national, et al. My paper intends to show how he elaborated on his strategy to manage diversity through the experience of poetry as song in his fundamental and often mentioned (though not so accurately examined) 1902 essay Speaking to the Psaltery.

PS qui la segnalazione del convegno su Il Domenicale de Il Sole 24 Ore (18 novembre 2012, n. 319, p. 35)


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